Magnus Calibration Laboratory is accredited by ISRAC (Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority) provides a wide spectrum of calibration services for wide range of domestic Israeli sectors.


The calibration services of Magnus are offered as a comprehensive solution which covers a wide range of customers measuring equipment according to ISO/IEC 17025.

Magnus provides fluid flow calibration services since 2001 and is a pioneer in this field in Israel.

Calibration services can be provided inhouse or at customer site.


List of the technologies that Magnus is accredited by ISO/IEC 17025:

  •  Liquid Flow Meters (3.6 g/min to 1300 kg/min)
  • Gas Flow Meters (6 mg/min to 900 kg/min)
  • Temperature Resistance Sensors (-30ºC to 120ºC)
  • Temperature Resistance Controllers and Indicators (-200ºC to 650ºC)
  • Pressure Transducers and Indicators (-1 to 700 bar)
  • Quantity Indicators, Weighing Tanks, Volume (1 to 195000 kg)
  • Accelerometers – Vibration (8 Hz to 3500 Hz)
  • Velocity Transducers – Vibration (45 to 3500 Hz) 


Schedule of accreditation at ISRAC