Engine Storage & Preservation Container

Magnus Airborne Engine Containers designed to support storage and preservation and transportation of bare engines at rough handling and severe / extreme environmental conditions.
The main functions that can be performed with container:
-       Easy and safe installation of the engine in the container.
-       Support Engine preservation procedures.
-       Safe transportation of the engine.
-       Easy inspection procedure during engine preservation.
-       Measurement and display of preservation parameters.
-       Support Engine de-preservation procedure.
Principal Features

  • Maximum internal working pressure: 28 psig (25 psig nominal + 3psig altitude)
  • Maximum hydrostatic test pressure: 42 psig
  • Altitude and temperature: Up to 5000 feet (-) 20°C to (+) 55° C
  • Non operating temperature: (-) 40°C to   (+) 71°C.
  • Transportation, Vibration and Shocks:Transportation and Vibration per MIL-STD-810F Method 514.5 category 4, shocks per MIL-STD-810F Method516.6 procedure IV.
  • Material: Welded steel
  • Stack height: With engine -  2 Maximum
                            Without engine4 Maximum
  • The containers are designed to be handled with either a forklift and over head crane system.

The Containers consist of three major assemblies:
-       Container base
-       Container cover
-       Engine support frame (Designed  according to the engine type)
The main components assembled on the containers and used for preservation/ de-preservation procedure, inspection and for maintenance:
-       Nitrogen filler valve
-       Manual pressure bleeder valve
-       Pressure indicator
-       Pressure safety/relief valve
-       Humidity indicator
-       Documentation storage cell
-       Desiccant bags basket
-       Fasteners storage box
Vacuum, Nitrogen filling and testing set is available as per customer requirement.
The set include:
-       Double stage pressure regulator
-       Vacuum pump
-       Digital humidity indicator
-       Hose assembly
-       Adapters