Command Shelters (S-250, S-280 Types)

Magnus Shelter is a mobile tactical shelter designed for transport by track.
The Shelter is lightweight, high strength, insulated in all weather.
The Shelter provides a mobile, environmentally controlled working, living and storage space.

  •  The Shelter consists of six panels, four side panels, roof and floor.
  • The panels are of a sandwich type construction, 5 cm. thick with closed cell self extinguishing hard foam core and reinforcing members between aluminum alloy skins.
  • The panels contain structural aluminum members to which equipment can be mounted either inside and outside of the Shelter.
  • The 182 cm. by 83 cm. door at one end of the shelter comes with a 49 cm. by 49 cm. quick release vent and escape panel built into the door.
  • A perfect seal has been achieved by using special glues during Shelter construction. The shelter is completely water tighted.
  • Roof load – Snow and Ice load of 366 kg/m²
  • Lifting eyes, one at each corner.
  • Towing eyes, four, two each side.
  • Ventilation Openings with doors.

Environmental Conditions

  • The shelter is designed to operate at temperatures of (-) 40°C to (+) 55°C
  • Heat transfer coefficient – U Factor - 1.7 W/°C/m²/hr.
  • The Shelter can withstand exposure to an atmosphere with 100% humidity.

Custom Options

  • Custom sized, adapted to the truck model.
  •  Antenna masts (Electrical, Pneumatic, Manual)
  • The Shelter can be provided with external power supply assembly which includes. Diesel Generator 220VAC and 24 VDC Batteries.
  • Complete Electrical System including lighting, regular and camouflage blue. The light is automatically switched from regular to camouflage when door is opened.
  • Lifting Sling
  • Integration of customer supplied systems.
  • External and internal Storage Boxes.
  • Cable Entry Door & Hood.
  • Custom Paint.
  • Custom Furniture.