A/M37T Engine Test Stand Upgrade Kit

Magnus A/M37T Engine Test Stand Upgrade Kit is one of the ideal solutions for the test stand users to upgrade and modernize the test stands model A/M37T-20A, 20B, 20C.

The Magnus upgrade kit will extend the life of the test stand and will allow users to run engines with advances and computerized systems.

The upgrade kit include:

  • Fuel Trailer upgrade, installation of a new electronic fuel level transmitter for continuous fuel level measurement of the fuel in the tank , and replacement of the existing flow meter with 2 inch Corriolis mass flow meter.
  • Control Trailer upgrade, replacement of the existing control consol with a new configuration adapted to the new hardware.

Data Acquisition and Control System, replacement of the existing throttle system with a new electronic throttle system, replacement of the existing instrumentation and controls with a new advanced electronic instrumentation and PLC based control system, installation of a new computerized data acquisition system and software.