Company Profile

A One-Stop Address for Testing and Maintenance Equipment
Magnus is a privately owned company established in 1991.                                
The owners carry the key positions in the company .
Magnus employs 50 people, over half of whom are engineers whose fields of specialization cover the entire spectrum. Incorporating under one roof all of the skills involved in design, engineering, software  development, production and logistics, Magnus offers fully integrated capabilities in the fields of mechanical, electronic and software engineering as well as project management and maintenance.
Magnus can deliver a total turnkey package, taking responsibility for every stage from initial planning through hands-on training, and also undertakes projects that are more limited in scope. From computerized upgrades for existing facilities and conversions for alternative or additional engines to open facilities, hushed facilities and demountable-transportable facilities, Magnus integrates innovative engineering with high tech equipment in order to provide a variety of flexible solutions.
Magnus is an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured Firm, authorized by the Standards Institution of Israel and IQnet.